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millions and millions

of claims administered over the last 40 years

Rust is a recognized leader in class action settlement administration
with decades of experience handling some of the largest and most
complex cases in history. Discover how we can help you, who will help
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Settlement Approvals

Most Rust-administered settlements have dedicated websites on which we post key updates. However, Rust publishes recent settlement approvals on this page when courts or the parties require it for settlements that do not include dedicated websites of their own.

Click on a case name to view the Court's order granting final approval of that settlement.

Approval notices are generally posted here only through the final void date of settlement checks. 

Questions about any of the settlements listed above? Refer to the contact information posted in your settlement notice materials. (Note: toll-free numbers and email addresses generally are made inactive after the final void date of settlement checks.)



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Sep 28

Justice and Diversity Center Gala

Oct 17 - 18

Privacy. Security. Risk. 2017

Oct 19

2017 Annual Celebration - Rise Up

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