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Legal Writing Expert Praises Wheatman Article

Posted: Mar 03, 2017

A recent article co-authored by Dr. Shannon Wheatman, president of Kinsella Media, was praised by legal writing expert Terri LeClerq in the winter 2017 issue of The Scrivener, a publication by the American Society of Legal Writers. The article, “Writing Better Jury Instructions: Antitrust As An Example,” was written by Wheatman, Joshua P. Davis, associate dean for academic affairs and professor at the University of San Francisco, and Cristen Stephansky, notice manager for Kinsella Media. 

“I love this article,” LeClerq writes to begin her review. She goes on to lay out three reasons why: the authors practice what they preach; their thesis is straightforward; and the writing is well structured. Read the rest of “A Great Article on Jury Instructions” here (beginning on page 6). 

The article was nominated for the Institute of Competition Law’s 2017 Antitrust Writing Awards. Winners will be announced March 28.

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