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The art and science of legal notification.

Successful notice programs hit their targets, cut through clutter and inspire action, while inadequate notice can put your entire settlement at risk. That’s why our partnership with Kinsella Media sets us apart from other administrators. With a qualified notice expert, Kinsella Media combines the art and science of legal notification. 

Kinsella Media, a fellow SourceHOV company, has designed and implemented more international, national and statewide programs than any other firm, providing notice to unidentified class members and claimants. They specialize in complex and often precedent-setting notice efforts in antitrust, bankruptcy, consumer fraud, mass tort and product liability cases. 

Employing a proven methodology, Kinsella Media focuses on the critical questions that drive notice strategy. And by staying up-to-date with class action case law, innovative notice functions, and evolving media options, Kinsella Media provides comprehensive, fully integrated programs that withstand collateral attack.





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